Raid on Unnamed Barn
Part of Hazzard War on Crime
Date February 2, 1979
Location Unnamed Barn, Hazzard County
  • Hazzard County victory
  • Record Pirates Captured




Hazzard Government

Record Pirates

Commanders and leaders

Jesse Duke

Unnamed FBI Agent

Unnamed Record Pirate


A few FBI Agents

A few Troopers

Total: 6-10

2 Record Pirates

Rosco P. Coltrane

Boss Hogg

Enos Strate

Total: 5

Casualties and losses

The Record Pirates Lightly Shaken

The Raid on a Unnamed Barn was a battle in the Hazzard War on Crime, though the corrupt Hazzard Government partnered with the record pirates.

The barn was attacked by state troopers, FBI and the Dukes, in which Bo & Luke Duke fired arrows with dynamite, blowing up the barn.


Daisy Duke was given an offer to record a song for $50, not realizing it was part of a scam. When they do, the FBI and state troopers arrive to attack the barn, and capturing the record pirates. Though lightly armed, the record pirates made a 4-10 minute standoff against the opposing forces.


Sometime on February 2, 1979, the Dukes, teamed up with the FBI and state troopers, attacked.

The record pirates (just 2 of them), armed with handguns held off against the attackers for a few minutes, but decided to escape. They were about to leave when Bo & Luke shot of arrows with dynamite on them, exploding the exit of the barn and allowing the FBI and state troopers to get into the building and capture the record pirates. Fortunately for Boss and the Hazzard Government, there was no evidence of proof that he was involved in this large scam.


This is considered the "first battle" because this battle was in the second episode to air -- which aired February 2, 1979.